Saturday, 30 November 2013

Apple MacBook Air the way to go!

Mobile + Portable = Apple MacBook Air

Okay, so I am an Apple convert and have been ever since buying my first Apple MacBook. For me, Apple put the enjoyment back into computing and using the internet. The reliability and speed of a Mac meant that I was finally able to put desktops computers and Windows generally in a grave where I think they belong and never look back.

If you are going to work from home on the internet, you cannot go past adopting an Apple MacBook laptop. They are the ultimate. They start up and shut down fast. You don't have the same problems with viruses and fatal errors and the dreaded Windows Circle of Death! They are a sturdy and reliable machine and will last years longer than any PC. For a start, going to a laptop means you don't need an entire desk in your home cluttering up space with a tower, monitor and all the peripherals. When you travel or go away for weekends your laptop will fit snugly anywhere. When you're at home and finish work, you can turn the laptop off and pack it away out of sight.

Operating your own internet business, you want mobility, portability, reliability and speed. The new MacBook Air looks about one-third as thick as the old MacBook. It is super light and very thin which makes it very portable and an excellent alternative to the iPad. The battery life is meant to be longer, but that decreases when you start adding devices and running lots of software. Running I find that the MacBook Air is really very helpful because I can take it anywhere and show customers what they need to see and then pack it away fast and have a coffee and chat without dilemma or hassle. They make everything convenient and enjoyable, too.

The biggest thing I can note as being lacking is the loss of a DVD writer. I still like hard copy backups and that the MacBook Air does not have a DVD Burner is an issue for me. I'm old fashioned so I would have liked to see Apple give us something super-advanced that does not sacrifice the size/weight benefits but retains the DVD writer. So now I will be using Cloud more often! And my USB memory sticks, of course.

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