Saturday, 23 November 2013

World Economy Not improving

We all might as well go and lie on the Beach.

Because if we don't get rid of the morons we have running our corporations, our justice systems, our Governments at different levels and our financial systems, we won't have any means by which to support ourselves or our way of life. It's almost as though the top executives and bankers have seen that the writing is on the wall for western economies. They are raping and pillaging the carcass for their multi-million-dollar salaries and bonuses because the system is beyond repair and beyond a joke.

Zeitgeist Addendum hits the nail right on the head. The entire financial system is created in thin air through debt. The economic model of land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship is a complete falsity because if you take away the labor component, the whole system shuts down. The wealthy elite would have nothing if everybody stayed at home and watched TV! Economic slavery - which encapsulates the use of debt as a tool of fear and motivation, spurs legions of people worldwide to work in jobs they hate, doing mindless activities completely unnatural to what the fiber of being a human being is about.

The whole scenario has been allowed to play out like the plot of the movie 'Changing Places' starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd. Except Eddie Murphy's character represents eastern economies and Dan Akroyd the western economies. The bankers, (through corrupt manipulation of even-more corrupt politicians) have orchestrated a change in fortunes for the two sides of the globe. But what they don't care about is the Ponzi Scheme effect of the plan. For even once the bulk of the western wealth is siphoned away, very few in the East will ever see the financial windfall trickle into their pockets.

Most people in countries like China and India will never directly profit from the increase in manufacturing that has poured into their countries, states, towns and provinces. A broke, corrupt system never allows for the masses to profit long-term, because the insipid greed of those in power never abates for that to occur. So what happens is that the Chinese and Indian population are given more manufacturing jobs, start to get confidence, start believing the propaganda they are fed for breakfast and initially start to see some positive changes come their way; more money, more job prospects, better clothes, cars, you name it - everything material.

Then inflation kicks in. Governments start to intervene and the corporations have to step in and make people compete for jobs for less money. So in China now there are millions who find that although they've gone from the farm to a factory and earn twice as much as they did before, they now have rising costs of living five-fold as high as when they were on the farm living a simple life. Not to mention that as labor costs have become higher in China, business is being transferred to their imminent competitor - India. What does this do to relations between those two nuclear-capable countries? Not a good scenario to contemplate, folks.

The Baby Boomer generation we have running all our important institutions is little more than a bunch of 1970's marijuana-smoking misfits. The problem is they are now in positions of power and are abusing them for self gain. The result is unraveling and being played out over a period of decades. The United States quite realistically, has been bankrupt for decades. Manufacturing in countries like the USA, Australia and the UK is being shipped offshore. The machinery is scrapped in those countries, as are the workforces and systems that held them in place. The job losses cannot be matched by job growth in new industries. And technology advances to further make labor even more redundant, just as Zeitgeist theory observes.

So the Indian and Chinese workers cannot afford to buy the very goods they are making - which are meant to be shipped out to us for our consumption. Oh but sh**, we've lost all our we can't buy the products either! In eastern countries they have gone from earning $1 and a bag of rice a week to $10 and two bags of rice and paying $9.50 in expenses and rent. So they are screwed backwards anyway.

But never mind. Because the bankers are coming to the rescue again. Now they have all the money and no no one else has f***ing anything, they've started a new industry. It's for themselves, but at least it's growing popularity in its ranks. It's called superyacht manufacturing. Done in China or anywhere else you can rip off people and pay them nothing, it involves raping your customers and shareholders so that you can have a two, three, four or even five-hundred foot long superyacht built for yourself. Whilst the rest of the world dilapidates into anarchy, you can float around all day on your own passenger liner and remain anonymous out in the Maldives, or off the Greek Islands somewhere. While everyone else is knifing and shooting each other to death for their bag of rice.

We have seen the GFC come and go. Hang on, wait a minute. It's still here. It's not going away this time. The financial cliff was jumped off a long time ago, friends. What is going to be the light at the end of the tunnel? At least gun and knife production will be in high demand. And when the stabbing and shooting increases there will be more work for lawyers. Who can then join their banking mates at the gold club (which by then will need to be protected by heavily-armed sceurity guards) and on their new superyachts.

We can make simplistic impasse at what is going on. But where does this leave the next generations? Many are university-educated and in danger of becoming university-educated derelicts, burdened with enormous debts. There is no jobs for them to go to and the service industries will only be shipped offshore, too. If you can make goods overseas cheaper, you can bet you can get an accountant, lawyer or even a banker overseas cheaper who is trained in the western ways. Just look at computer programmers and telemarketers!

We are now seeing banking organisations who are powerful enough to buy up the world's largest agricultural businesses and farms. They are not business people and have no empathy for people or society generally. So they only sinister conclusion to be drawn is that these massive properties will be assets to be sold off to eastern investors. Western countries are not only losing their manufacturing (and MORE importantly, the ability and knowledge to build), but also losing their food bowl capacity. Add this stupidity to privatization of public assets and infrastructure and you don't have a very bright future ahead.

Buy a printing machine and print your own money, folks. Don't worry about it being illegal, because eventually there will be no legitimate ways left to make money. Unless we get rid of the current lot and bring in a new generation who will take their social obligations more seriously; we're doomed. Go down to the beach, lie on a big colorful beach towel. Open your eyes and absorb the blue sky and suck in refreshing salt air. Have handy a beaut bottle of your favorite ale or wine. Because the people running the show don't give a shit. Why should you? And look; if you get caught printing $50 notes on your Brother or Epson laserjet, just tell 'em you're mentally incapacitated and were raped by a mountain goat when you were young. Because there is bound to be a lawyer (or twenty) hanging around waiting to defend you in court. He or she desperately wants to upgrade to the six-hundred foot long superyacht.

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