Sunday, 24 November 2013

Can I make money using Adsense?

Using Adsense to Make Money Online...

Doesn't really make any sense. Unless you live in a country where you can survive...on a few cents. Because that's how much you're likely to make in a day. And you can blog your little heart out, but the reality is that unless you have hundreds of millions of visitors to your website or blog each day and millions of them click on ads, you're not going to be ordering that Ferrari anytime soon. I'd prefer a Lamborghini, anyway.

Yes you can run dozens of websites and blogs and use every backlinking methodology known to mankind - and thousands of people do, but you will find it's exhausting and yields little returns. We'd all love to be earning advertising revenue streams sufficient to make this process worthwhile. Most of the time, you will be keeping your day job! The time and effort (and sometimes cost factors) required to create a blog or website can prohibit what you can achieve in a set period of time, based on the fact you are operating by yourself. If you can employ 10,000 people to blog for you, go for it!!!

Yes there are people and businesses who make in excess of one million dollars annually using Adsense and other advertising platforms such as Chitika. But how many people are there in the world now? A tad over 6 billion? Um, that doesn't sound like good odds to me. And to make money online, you need consistent and regular effort over time. Additionally you need to be able to attract and keep attracting high volumes of traffic both through organic search results and also through constant online and traditional marketing methods.

Adsense is simply another tool in your arsenal that you add as a 'fruit for the sideboards' function if you are building something up that you are happy to work on and grow for years to come. A blog or website aiming to generate a material income stream from advertising needs high page rank and literally thousands upon thousands of pages of content. It cannot be done overnight and if you use blackhat techniques or scraping, you only get penalized by Google. There is no short-circuiting the system!

Keep working from home, building your website, your shop fronts, eBay stores, blogs and social media and keep Adsense in the background and in the back of your mind! That's the best tip I can give you. Focus on your product and satisfying customers and if you make anything at all out of Adense (and most of us honestly don't make anything significant), be grateful for what you get! You can waste too much valuable time trying to make advertising strategies work than millions of others have already tried.

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