Saturday, 9 November 2013

How to Make Money Online...and how you won't make money!

Welcome to my blog about making money on the internet. Many people dream of throwing in the towel on their day job, telling their boss where to go and working from home, choosing their own hours and enjoying the fruits of their own labor. In an ideal world and if only it were that simple, we'd all be doing just that.

Making REAL money is hard enough in the offline world, let along making dollars in the online environment. In a post-GFC economic apocalypse, we have all become voices trying to scream over the top of each other on the internet. Big corporations with heavy financial firepower at their disposal have a hefty marketing advantage over Joe Bloggs, who is starting with next to nothing in terms of an advertising budget, staffing resources or business acumen.

To start this blog off, we should perhaps draw a line through the ways which - more than likely, you will not make money. The are methodologies commonly touted by other 'how to make money' blogs and websites, splattered throughout the internet. They mean well, but the fact remains that everyone has tried and tested these same techniques.
  • Playing Online casinos - internet gambling
  • Completing Online surveys
  • Selling stock photos
  • Trading Futures online
  • Playing the stock market online - internet share trading
  • Participating in Affiliate marketing programs and schemes
  • Writing your own blog
  • Relying solely on Google Adsense
  • Freelance your services online
  • Create and sell an app (short for application)

There are two predominant problems implicit with each of the exciting and lovely suggestions listed above. Number one; everyone is either doing these or trying to do them. Number two; they are directed aimlessly at the masses. That is to say, there is no consideration for segmentation, targeting and positioning within the market. When millions all jump on the bandwagon, it's too late and there is little if any financial reward to be gained.

Online surveys and affiliate marketing scams all sound great at first, but the harsh reality is they pay a pittance for your intensive efforts. This is because the businesses operating them do so for a profit and want to maximize that profit for owners or shareholders. Paying you and the millions of others having a go means there would be nothing left for the operator! Sorry folks, but that ain't going to happen.

We can paint a pretty and rosy picture of each of those ways to make fast cash online. But the reality is that as month after month passes and you find little if any dollars are swinging your way, people begin to drop by the wayside and revert to their old day job. When you are in business for yourself, revenue and sales are not a given, definite, fixed or infinite income stream; your expenses are. Your day-to-day bills and costs don't go away; they remain constant and they keep coming!

So look at each of the money-making items above and put a line through them, as you are more likely than not to join the millions in the ranks who have tried them and walked away disheartened and disillusioned. Once you become cognisant of the get-rich-quick mentality, you will begin to focus on legitimate ways to make money, build a brand, build an income stream and hopefully enjoy yourself along the way.

Throughout this blog, I will share concepts and ideas that have made me or others money. We will explore what others have or are doing and what possibilities exist in the market. Along the way, we will look at insurance, finance, the state of the economy and definitely some useful resources, tools and techniques to assist you create some extra cash online!

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